Using Drawing and Stories to Better UX

8 NOV. Meetup van Freelance Fridays met 3 sprekers over tekenen en verhalen gebruiken om UX te verbeteren. De voertaal is Engels.

Vrijdag 8 november 2019
Pakhuis de Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 179 Amsterdam

The Mysterious Forces of Drawing

Gerard Teuben firmly believes in the power of drawing. Makes sense if you are an illustrator and art director. That’s a bit of a sermon for your own parish. But the power of drawing goes beyond that. According to Teuben, mysterious creative powers come to life the moment you start drawing. That doesn’t just apply to creatives. But for everyone involved in business communication. More needs to be drawn, according to Teuben.

In a short presentation he shows the power of drawing. And if he’s right, you’ll start drawing more after tonight. To make your story clearer. More personal. More human. Or… just to put your thoughts on paper. Conclusion according to Teuben: drawing, that’s what makes us all better.


Using Stories to Make Better UX Strategy

When you’re designing a new service, product, app or website, you want all the parts to work together. You want it to make sense, and be seamless. You want it to be meaningful. But where do coherence and meaning come from?

Victoria Kirk-Owal and Carl Alviani are UX strategists and writers who’ve been tackling this problem for over a decade. Both graduated in Industrial Design. They teamed up and formed their company Protagonist Studio.


Meaningful stories

They found that the most meaningful experiences usually have the best stories, and a good story always makes a good strategy.

In this talk they will discuss the psychology of storytelling and how designers can take advantage of that tendency to create user journeys and service maps.

They will give real-world examples of narrative prototyping, and show how it can get design teams communicating and working better.


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